Hello All here are the pictures from the last competition for this year held on 17th Sept. Well done to everyone who entered the competition, which is more then I can achieve. So in no order see below. Also sorry about the positioning of the photographs but I just can not seem to get them lined up.

Mike Ingham 1st place

Planes movie model by Richard Roberts

1/48 Fokker DVII by Alan Stickland 3rd place

Yet another P-40 by Bob Whittle 1/48

Airfix Landrover to 1/48 scale- Laurance Cassidy
Mortor group by Si Tomlinson
Not the best shot of this fine 1/48 model of a Airacobra Tim Flokes gaining second place
Another Hunter by Si Tomlinson
1/32 Me-163 by Bob Whittle

Tucano by AL Harris


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