Well done to all of the members that have helped to make our show as good as it was.

Here are the competition winners from each of the four competitions held in 2013.

5th Feb 2013
1st   Oshkosh tractor                   Laurence  
2nd  Vickers 6B tank                  Tim
3rd   Yamaha Bike                      Andy C

1st    Nimrod                                Alan H
2nd   Sea Vixen                            Laurence 
3rd   Buccaneer                            Mike I

2nd Competition of the year
1st    Coyote                                  Laurence
2nd   Tiger                                    Mick S
3rd    Motorbike                           Kiran

1st    Pup                                       Tony
2nd   Ju-87B                                 Alan H
3rd    Spitfire Mk24                      Tim
3rd    Beaufighter                          Simon T

9th July
1st     Sherman                               Kirk
2nd    Truck ???                             Laurence
3rd     Panther                                Mick S

17th Sept
1st     Wessex                                 Mike I
2nd    Airacobra                             Tim
3rd     Fokker DVII                        Alan S

Please chaps bring along any/ all of the above so that I can put forward a model in to Class 98 at the Nationals.