Here is a further update to our blog giving the next 3 months club diary.

        2nd  Competition (2)
        30th Video night   (upstairs room)
         28th  Demo night  (upstairs room)
         25th down the pub the Nags Head, Abingdon bridge
         9th Competition (3)

Other events that are going on around our club:-
Yeovilton show Feb 9th
Newbury show  Feb 16th
Milton keynes show April 21st
Abingdon Air Fair  May 5th (you will have to pay at entrance to gain access)
Glouscester show May 21st
Salisbury show June 1st
Tank Fest at Bovingdon June 29/30th. Club outing, details later.

Simon Fisher
Abingdon IPMS Secretary


Hello all
All status quo with the club, the AGM was yesterday and following a vote myself, Alan and Tim remain in the same posts.
Our club fiances are in excellent shape with about £1500 in show account, whilst the normal club account is in the black by some 450ish. I have given the thought to some of the activity's for the forthcoming year and after some period I have up with one or two things to do. These being a trip to Pendon railway museum on a club night followed by a visit to the local pub. Next a club visit to Bovingdon tank museum on there Tank Fest day over the weekend of 29/30 June. I have also been thinking about a BBQ at my house in early to mid June, only after permission of mine frau.  Some other ideas that came from our members, are that could we have a couple of kit swaps a year, which we have one a year at the moment. Another thought came from somebody else and that is again a couple of hints and tips nights.

One thing to note we have been moved out of our normal room and upstairs for the following nights 30  April, 28 May, 25 June.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

Simon Fisher