Well chaps after last nights AGM you have me in again for yet another year for Club secretary, with Tim remaining as treasurer and Alan as chairperson. There not does seem to be any problems at the moment with the club apart from a 25% drop in numbers through the door for a number of various reasons. This however has a big knock on effect in the fact that each night club costs us collectively £30 for the two hours. So anything less than 15 soles per night through the door, costs us dearly. So upshot of that was a long discussion about subs and so the nightly costs will raise to a princely some of £2.50 per night.

On the happier side we also discussed what shows we would collectively like attend this year, so we have Huddersfield on the 11/12th Feb if they say we can go. Next up the paperwork is in for Milton Keynes which is on 23rd April. We have an extra model show in the offing which is the Poole Vikings show on the 8th, however with one show already in April, I don't think that many wish to attend two in the same month. then we move on to May and I am sure the Abingdon airfare will be on but at this current time I don't have any details. Although I have details for Gloucester show on 14th May, which, if I am not working the weekend then I will personally will be attending this show as they are our neighbours club wise, so I'll be looking for support on this one please.                                              

Your club secretary yet again. keeeeeeeeeeep on modeling