Club update from the Nationals
We have a winner or two?
Our club entry for the competition has given Lawrance a gold well done.

Plus Andy's son managed a medal as well and at only 5 years old ???????????????????
Watch out the rest of us !

Hello all
This is just a quick update just before the Nationals. Hope everybody manages to come to the largest model show in the world. I have one or two new ideas for next years events. First is that I will only be doing the diary for three months at a time, as things have been developing quickly during the past two years quickly at times and I fell that you all will get a better flow of information. Second I have a couple of different activities for us to try out, these being a visit to our neighbour club of Newbury on one of their club nights, also a trip to Pendon model railway museum for a couple of hours look around and see the operation of there model railways on one of our club nights instead of meeting in Abingdon, this may in addition to a light meal on same night?
More details to follow, when I have spoken to all conserned and hopefully taken everything in to consideration.

In addition to the above, I am not going to print off as many copies of the diary from now on, as most of you can have a look at this site for the updated version, therefore saving printing costs and the environment and you can not loose this information on the blog easily?

And lastly the template for the show labels is coming along very well indeed with a great credit going to Kiran for his input.