Hello my fellow club members. well done for all the excellent models that you put in for the 3rd competition of the year. Every single one of you should be congratulated on such a high standard of modelling. I am simply stunned chaps. Sorry Laurance I forgot to take a photograph of your Buccaneer which came third in the competition. 
1/48 Catalina by Kirk 1st place

1/48 Airfix Gnat by Richard  

1/32 Hunter by Matt

1/72 Airfix Lighting F2A By Si Tomlinson

Another 1/72 Lighting this is a F6 by Tim

1/48 Mig-21 by Ray

Bob's excellent 1/48 P-40

Another shot of Bob's P-40

Check that underside out on Bob's P-40 

1/48 P-40 by guess who! 

And another P-40 I don't have to tell you who built this do I ?

1/48 Academy  P-51A by Bob

A very nice Seimans SSW DIII by Alan S

1/48 F104 by Richard

1/48 Galley models UH-34D Choctaw by Simon F.2nd Place