Well we had the AGM on the 16th Jan, and Tim, Alan and myself are to stay in our posts for this year again.

We all discussed various items these included these purchasing some stock items for collective club use, these included punch and die sets which happen to be very expensive items which will be able to be signed out by any member of the club .

Model shows that we would like attend this first year are Milton Keynes 24/4, Abingdon airfare 6/5, Gloucester 13/5 and Salisbury 2/6.
Further to this I wish set up the club stand at the club house so that every member has the opportunity to see our stand in the flesh so to speak.
Another thing we will be the updating of the club logo banner with a dark green central cloth over our old sage cloths.

A further item on the discussion was extra theme items on nights some of these being a couple of nights with each club member's showing where they do their modelling with pictures.
Another night show your modelling tools box to all and discuss what you have and why you use this and that tool.

So I have added these nights to the Diary below.