Latest Photo's from last club meet on 24th Jan 2012

Hello Chaps here are the latest photographs from last Tuesday nights(24th Jan 2012) meeting. Not much was talked about apart from the next time that some of us will meet up is at the Milton Kenyes model show, I will be arriving there about 08:30 to set up and have a goood day.

Here left and below is Alan S's  1/72 F-16 in an interesting camouflage scheme. The strips are not sprayed but part of the decal sheets, otherwise it would of been difficult to spray.

Kirk's 1/72 Spitfire IX in Danish markings, looking very impressive and would look even better on suitable backdrop.
British tank by Tim Folkes, but I don't know which type it is, sorry Tim.

Neuport 1/48 by Alan Stickland.
Here are two shots of a special forces Land Rover by Lawrence, one of our established Armour modellers.

Here shows the start of Tony Clements Wing Nut Wings Pup, very nice. No doubt we will see more of this model as it progress on. Also we should see more of Tony's 1/24 Arado 196 this year, it should be almost finished in 2012.



Hello All

We had the Club AGM on the 10th Jan 2012. All of the committee have agreed to stand again for the next year.

Items of note that came up during the AGM are the following

1)The Newbury model show has changed its date to June 2nd.
2)Possible invite to the Oxford airshow to display our club. Date not known yet-does anybody know?
3)Competitions should we have separate category's for say land,sea and air- this must be discussed in detail by Myself, Alan D and Tim.
4)Demo's for this year, scratched surfaces using Maskol or Salt and another where everybody comes along with a tip to share for all.
5)Guest speaker, some people would like to see a guest speaker to attend- will have a look in to this by myself.
6)Paul Tuckey has been asked if we could have a tour around his work place- not saying on here where he works, but you should know.
7) From item (2) we could also get a look around Kidington airport some time over the summer months, I must ask Richard N when we next see him.
8)Remember Abingdon air fair is in early May time.

First Photo is of a Spitfire I from I think Tim, but not sure.  Second photograph shows club members enjoying themselves talking about the models on the tables in front of them, just before the boring bit of having our AGM.

Simon Fisher, Club Secretary


Abingdon IPMS diary

On here I would like to show our first six month diary however I don't how to achive this yet.

To start with her are the dates for the start of the year-

10th Jan AGM
24th Jan
7th Feb Competition night
21st Feb
6th Mar Demonstration night
20th Mar
3rd April Video night

Hope this helps members, Simon Fisher

some photographs related to the club

first six months diary of the club events