Further update to the blog including a few photo's

Hi all
Here are a couple of photo's from the first off our model club competitions. Both are from the Si Tomlinson stable and very well done to him gaining a couple of prizes.
The other winners are;

1st Si Tomlinson - Corsair
2nd Alan Stickland - Sopwith Camel
3rd Mike Ingham - Meotor F8

1st Lawrance Cassidy - Wolf Land Rover
2nd Si Tomlinson - Wespe
3rd Tim Folkes - AA Crusader

1st Kiran Patel - Red October

1st Andy - Moto Guzzi

As you can see we have split down each class of model. this will not be divided down so far next time just perhaps two classes.
1st for his Corsair in the Aircraft Catogaery

Si Tomlinson Wespe which took 2nd in Armour section

Also her are two photo's taken at the excellent
Yeovilton show on the 11th February. It shows some of our stalwart members namely, from left to right Tony Clements, Alan Stickland, Bob Whittle and Alan Dagg.

 Till next time, bye for now 
 Simon Fisher